Fundamental Economics

More appropriately referred to as "Political Economy" the subject of these pages as defined by Adam Smith and David Ricardo, and revisited by Henry George from a less aristocratic point of view has been so summarily trashed by various so called "schools" of "economic study" that the resulting maze is indistinguishable from a haunted house full of smoke and mirrors. The field of "economics" with which we are left has been so thoroughly aggrigated and composited to accommodate mathematics that it is possible to "prove" that water flows uphill if such "proof" would be in the best interest of those who currently control the economies of the world. Such individuals control the seats of power from which these "schools" are funded. We should not expect the "economist" to bite the hand that feeds?.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Oh, how they do go on.... It is not possible to go for more than a few days (perhaps not even a few hours) without being assaulted with the droning of the unemployment, interest rate, and inflation numbers as we are TOLD that the economy is doing better or that it will soon get better. That it was worse when the current people were not in charge or that it would be worse if they were not in charge and that all the problems we have are caused by the "failed" policies of someone else. What we have is "spin" and "manufactured news"; a continuing 1984ish parade of whatever it might take to make the current leaders look best.

In these pages we will attempt to focus on the reality as opposed to the statistics; on logic and the reason as opposed to mathematics. We will take our arguments from very fundamental observations and proceed to develop our thesis in such a way as to insure that the reader does not get lost or left behind. And we invite criticism and debate on each and every issue.